• Staffordshire Blue Stable Bricks For Sale

    May 26, 2013

    Staffordshire Blue Paver

    Lightloads.je is pleased to have salvaged 735 Staffordshire Blue  flooring bricks from an old farm stable in St Peter that’s currently under development.

    Staffordshire Blues were originally made in the Midlands from local red clay. Kilned at high temperature in a low oxygen reducing atmosphere the brick takes on a deep blue colour and attains a hard, impervious surface with high crushing strength and low water absorption of less than 4.5%

    Typical of the Victorian era, Staffordshire Blue ‘chocolate block’ pavers are the authentic product, the perfect match for restoration or an ideal means of achieving a traditional period look. They were widely used by the Victorians beside their canal and railway systems and in their industrial and urban developments. Their very high durability and grip make them ideal for use within stables or on courtyards. They are also particularly effective when used to break up large areas, by providing contrasting banding or by adding interest and texture.

    These bricks each measuring 112mm x 229mm and 64mm thick will cover an area of 18.85 sq metres.

    Lightloads.je offers them for sale as  one lot for £1100.00 (under £1.50 each)


    SOLD  28th MAY