• Reproduction Jersey Bricks

    April 23, 2019

    Lightloads.je  has found an amazing source to replicate historic hand made Jersey bricks. Reclaimed antique Copps, Champions, De La Mare’s and Le Hucquet’s bricks were shared with a specialist manufacturer nearly 7000 miles away. As a result we have in stock both standard and bullnose hand made reproduction Jersey Bricks crafted exclusively for us in South East Asia.

    Reclaimed Copp on right ~ our brick on left

    We’ve supplied tens of thousands of clean reclaimed Jersey bricks over the last 20+ years. They’re getting harder to source, and particularly so of the bullnose. Sadly there are many  gaps in the brick cappings on our historic granite walls around the island.

    Our first consignment

    Jersey’s Brick Making Heritage

    Jersey’s brick making heritage is well documented. There were once 24 brickfields in the island because local bricks were used in their millions to construct many landmark buildings of the day. The Jersey brick industry supplied bricks for fortification building during the Napoleonic era and for the rapidly expanding St Helier and export. The demise of the industry was largely due to changes in building methods, diminishing local clayfields and the importation of cheaper bricks from the UK.

    Our cleaned, reclaimed  Jersey bricks have been used for the restoration of many local listed buildings, extensions, fireplaces, floors, chimneys, barbecues etc.

    Our first shipping container has just arrive filled to the brim with a mixture of standard and bullnose clay bricks. These  are handmade, sun dried and Hoffmann kilned. They are a high quality product perfect for period property extension and renovation use.  We can offer sustainable supplies for ongoing projects.

    Fully frost resistant and F2 rated they are ideally suited for new build projects for which a traditional look is required or desired.

    Wall built with our reproduction Jersey brick

    Manufacturer’s Specifications:

    Tolerance : T1

    Range: R1

    Freeze Thaw : F2

    Compressive Strength Mean -36.3M/MM2

    Water Absorption Mean -12%

    Soluble Salt Classification: S2

    Specials :

    As well as producing bricks our manufacturer offers a whole range of  fired clay ‘specials.’ These include, double bullnoses, dado rail, skirtings, rosettes, florets and beautiful floor tiles.   

    All can be made to order
    A whole range of ‘specials’ available

    Update 1st May 2021 ~The cost of international shipping has risen 5 fold in the last 8 months. This and long delays by Customs procedures incurring huge charges from handling agents at UK Ports has forced our previous prices up. Our bullnose are now £2.50 each (£2.40 if purchased by the pallet of 612 or more) Our standards are now £1.40 each or £1.30 if purchased by the pallet of 612 or more.