• Reclaimed Jersey brick replicas.

    November 3, 2020

    Lightloads.je has imported a further consignment of hand made Jersey brick replicas from Pakistan. We now have thousands in stock and what’s more there’s another shipment ready to go.

    Update May 1st 2021

    Unfortunately massive price rises in international shipping costs and long delays and handling charges at UK International hubs have forced our prices up.

    Our bullnose are available at £2.50 each (£2.40 each by the full pallet of 612) Standards are £1.40 each or discounted to £1.30 each by the full pallet of 612 or more.

    The cost of purchasing scarce reclaimed bullnose bricks at anything between £3.50 and £5.00 each has meant many walls have been dressed with cement cappings.

    Don’t hang about if you need any in the coming months as these are selling fast. There are major shortages of repro vintage bricks throughout the UK due to the current pandemic and local suppliers are waiting months for orders to be fulfilled.

    Pictured below are the start of production of our bullnose bricks

    Look at the comparison ~ below are a pallet of old reclaimed Jersey bricks alongside a pallet of our replicas. These are hand made with moulds taken from original Jersey Copp bricks. They are sun dried before kilning to produce top quality clay bricks just as the Jersey brick makers did 200 years ago.

    Thousands of our replicas have been used around the island and it’s great to see new and old granite walls being topped with bullnose bricks again. means our traditional walls can be replicated and old walls repaired with new tops to look just as they were in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Not only are these being use for walls, but also garden features such as the below in St Brelade’s Bay.

    A mixture of our bullnose and standards forming stunning pillars in Grouville and the boundary wall to a new development almost opposite Verona Stores.