• Oak Sleepers & Granite Cobbles Landed in Gorey Harbour

    March 6, 2013

    Lightloads.je has this week imported a large stock of oak sleepers and reclaimed Parisian 19th Century granite cobbles via the Normandy Trader.

    Whilst there’s nothing unusual about this cargo, what was different is that the Normandy Trader tied up alongside in Gorey Harbour and following special Customs clearance  discharged her cargo onto the beach…the first time Gorey has received such freight in decades!

    Whilst many of the cobbles and sleepers are already sold there is availability and a further shipment imminently.

    Lightloads.je has been pleased to supply in excess of 2500 oak sleepers in the last year and approaching 300 tonnes of reclaimed granite cobbles.

    Sleepers are supplied in the following sizes.

    125mm x 200mm x 2500mm at £25 each


    130mm x 220 x 2600mm @ £29 each

    Quantity discounts apply.

    They can also be ordered ‘to size’ in quantities of 50 or more, and so indeed can other green oak timbers.

    The variety of projects Lightloads.je’s sleepers have been used for is wide. Many have gone into raised borders and vegetable pens, landscaping gardens, cliff paths and walling. Shoring up banks following such a wet year has seen an essential and effective use.

    Sleepers sold by Lightloads.je are delivered for free and attract no added GST

    The cobbles have been utilised to grace a number of stunning local properties and have included gated thresholds, driveways, footpaths, raised borders and barbecue patio areas. The current tranche of cobbles being lifted from around the streets of Paris are predominantly pink, beige and blue and compliment the hues of Jersey stone. Having gone through a careful hand selection process before being bagged for export, all have at least one  worn ‘antiqued’ face, are incredibly clean and though all a nominal 140mm x 140mm x 200mm, some are as long as 300mm.

    Whilst the supply is sustainable in the short term, the suppliers have advised that they are likely to run out of this particular 6000 sq metre batch before the end of the summer.