• Monumental Job: Uplands Apartments

    February 12, 2014

    How about this for a cargo?!

    I got asked today to go and collect some ‘stone art’ for a local building project. A carved piece of Kilkenny stone.

    When I got to the docks it was well cased up in timbers on a pallet….and quite a weight too.

    I thought, “fair enough”….I’ll deliver to site as asked and move onto the next job.

    On arrival at Uplands Apartments Mont a l’Abbe I was met by a chap from Marett Construction who was all geared up to ‘plant it’ on steel locating pins and concrete. Fortunately my mate Peter Crafter had come along for the ride and between the three of us it was unpacked and within a short time was placed in perpetuity for all to see.

    Great being a part of history…..I’ll be long gone and people will look at it and think ..” I wonder who put that there?”  LIGHTLOADS.JE of course…your flexible and reliable haulier!

    My first thoughts were ” How long before a car reverses into it?!