• Lightloads.je JUMBO BAGS

    July 10, 2013


    Lightloads.je bulk bag collection delivery and dumping jerseyFIBC Bulk Bag Collection / Delivery / Dump Service

    Bulk bags are  brilliant for the carriage of firewood, soil, sand, aggregates, brick, rubble, granite, garden and burnable waste etc.

    Flexible Immediate Bulk Containers or FIBCs as they are known are an ideal solution for home improvement projects because they fold flat and compact and you can always have one close to hand and ready to use. Lightloads.je carries a large stock of 1500 kgs capacity bags measuring 87cm x 87 cm x 1.25m deep.

    A call, text or e-mail to Lightloads.je will secure the purchase of a bag at a cost of £5.50 each delivered to your door if you intend to use the collection service. If you simply require to purchase a bag or bags please call to arrange.  Once the bag is full we can collect and deliver or if appropriate, dump at the relevant D.F.I. or A.A.L. facility at a cost of £30 for up to 2 bags and £38 for 3 bags. These bags are big

    The dumping of commercial quantities of garden waste, rubble and clean plaster incur an additional cost levied by the Department For Infrastructure or A.A.L. as advertised on their website. At this time there is no ‘dump charge’ levied in respect of burnable waste.