• Kiln Dried Logs Selling Fast (No longer available)

    October 18, 2017

    Lightloads.je  supplies kiln dried logs throughout the year.

    Many of our clients prefer to stock up for the Winter when demand is quieter.  Our Summer stock  trickles out and then we’re ready for the new season’s import.

    Delivery Time

    The kilns dry vegetable crops in the Summer and firewood from September.  Our first Winter stock arrived at the weekend and we’ve already delivered 35 bags! The Rozel Shipping Company ships our kiln dried logs and we deliver quickly to keenly awaiting customers.

    We keep a small stock in Jersey and a bulk stock in dry storage in Granville. Lightloads.je draws on this and ship up to twice weekly. Our jumbo bags contain oak, beech, maple and hornbeam and are £155 per bag, including delivery. (See our November 2014 news item for full details).

    We believe in value for money, an excellent product and high quality service. The price increase this season has  been brought about by the weakened £, and general price rises at the French end. Our clients ask us why our kiln dried logs are up to £50 per bag cheaper than the competition; simply:

    • These bags are far bigger than the well known 1000 litre ‘builders bulk bags’ We don’t look for huge profits, just satisfied customers who come back to us time and time again.
    • ‘Ash dieback disease’ has infected trees throughout Europe. Our consignments comply with the Jersey Department of the Environment’s restrictions on the importation of kiln dried Ash.  The logs measure around 250mm (10 inches). The bags also include some slithers suitable for kindling.

    Bags of Kiln dried Logs

    Our producer has a massive French client-base and struggles to keep up at times.  Consequently our supply isn’t always as guaranteed as we’d like.  We encourage taking delivery in advance of  Winter. That way your kiln dried logs can be stored without fear of them being soaked by rain.

    Our bags have a water resistant lid preventing water ingress.  The sap within our timber is dried to below 20% humidity and any dampening by rain soon evaporates when stored correctly.

    Order today, don’t delay !