• Kiln Dried Logs ~ Reclaimed Granite Cobbles ~ Douglas Fir.

    April 16, 2017

    Lightloads.je is busy!  Demand remains high, particularly in respect of kiln dried logs, reclaimed granite cobbles, and oak and Douglas Fir sleepers. The same is true of our routine collections and deliveries of craned and tipped loads. Our jumbo bulk bag supply / collect / dump service is used where clients haven’t got room for a skip.

    Kiln Dried Logs (No longer available)

    Bags of Kiln dried Logs

    Bags of Kiln Dried Logs on Victoria Quay

    Our kiln dried logs producer, struggles to keep up with demand. He has a host of European suppliers to cater for and a busy export market. The cutting, cleaving and kilning processes take time. Each batch of logs is in the  kiln for three days.

    During the 2016/17 Winter we’ve supplied up to 80 bags per month.  We’ve then waited 3 weeks for more to be ready and unfortunately customers have had to wait.

    We consequently urge our clients to stock up in advance. With Summer approaching,  you should fill your log store or accommodate one of our jumbo bags. We have a stock in Granville all available at this season’s price of £145.00 per bag, delivered.  (Far cheaper than our competition.) There’s likely to be a producer price increase next season, so don’t delay, order today. We’ll deliver promptly so you can squirrel away in the dry ready for next Winter.  We will restock in September when production starts…. and then the rush!

    Reclaimed French Cobbles

    We continue to supply volumes of French reclaimed cobbles for use as driveways, thresholds and raised borders. We’ve now provided in excess of 3000 tonnes! Our supplier advises that demand for our particular mix of cobbles has increased considerably. The UK, American and Japanese markets are huge.  They’re becoming harder to source and though our supplier has a stock of over 2000 tonnes,he ships worldwide and we are concerned as to how long this will last. (Please see previous entries for details.


    We try to keep a stock of Oak and Douglas Fir sleepers. Demand for these currently however means our reserves are low.  The French mill is processing  our order  for all sizes but again we wait whilst the producer satisfies demand.

    Douglas Fir Cladding

    In stock we have over 400 air dried Douglas Fir cladding boards measuring 3 metres x 175mm x 15mm. Described in our 22nd February 2016 entry they are ideal for cladding sheds, internal walls, producing fence panels etc etc.

    Unfortunately a rise in the price of timber coupled with the weakened £ against the €  meant a price increase.

    Price :

    £6.45 per length
    £2.15 per metre
    £12.27 per sq. metre (5.71 linear metres)

    Happy Easter!