• Jersey’s Insatiable Appetite For Reclaimed Cobbles

    July 24, 2018

    Lightloads.je continues to fill Jersey’s insatiable appetite for reclaimed cobbles.

    In the last 6 months Lightloads.je  has imported  several hundred tonnes of reclaimed cobbles from France which now grace the driveways, paths and borders of many local properties.

    Increasingly popular  is their use for borders and path edgings where price per linear metre is considerably cheaper than concrete kerbs  and we suggest, a far more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

    Whilst becoming rarer, our supplier continues to source stock from across France. His  teams lifts whole streets during rejuvenation projects often to make way for new tramway systems as is currently happening in Caens.

    Once lifted, the reclaimed cobbles are subjected to a rigorous selection and cleaning process before being exported to many corners of the world.

    We attempt to keep a stock locally of between 50 and 100 tonnes. This however isn’t always possible when large orders suddenly come out of nowhere.  We restock swiftly , being able to order, haul across France and ship to Jersey in 25 tonne multiples  usually within a week to 10 days. Our latest shipment of reclaimed cobbles are seen here on the QE2 terminal ready for delivery direct to the client.

    As a rule of thumb most masons / paviors work on 1 tonne covering approx 3.6 /3.7 sq metres.

    If you’re considering the use of our reclaimed cobbles in your project be sure to plan ahead. They are a finite resource and whilst the colour mix, quality and availability has been constant over the last 6 years  these 18th / 19th Century pieces of heritage are in huge demand across the world and will become increasingly difficult to source.

    Please enquire for the latest pricing. Quantity discounts available.