• Reclaimed Granite Cobbles in Jersey by the boat load!

    February 7, 2016

    Reclaimed Granite Cobbles in Jersey ~ Out with the extremely busy 2015 and in with an even busier 2016! Aside from our daily best value local haulage of loads up to 3.5 tonnes, many enquiries and orders continue to flood in for Lightloads.je‘s  reclaimed granite cobbles in Jersey. Lifted from the streets of Paris and other major French cities, our supplier continues to select and purchase these beautiful and authentic antique reclaimed granite cobbles / setts and export them to many parts of the world. We’re fortunate to have a well joined-up logistics system that regularly ensures our deliveries to Jersey via Normandy Trading Freight Services and onto waiting local projects.

    The year to date:

    Reclaimed Granite Cobbles In Jersey St Lawrence drivewayWe’ve started the year with the supply of 185 tonnes of reclaimed granite cobbles to 3 projects where fantastic driveways and courtyards are under construction.

    Whilst other vendors boast 1 tonne of cobbles will cover 4 sq metres when laid, this could be the case if applied like often found in the streets of European cities i.e. with gaps up to 32mm between the stones. Our experience with supplying in excess of 1500 tonnes of reclaimed granite cobbles in Jersey over the last three years is that local stone masons and paviours working with their clients favour a ‘tighter lay’ where they average approx 3.7 sq metres per tonne.

    The Euro exchange rate is currently in our favour and now is the time to buy. We’ve kept our price constant for more than 2 years. Our supplier still has a large stock of these reclaimed granite cobbles, so if you’re considering obtaining a slice we’d urge you to consider the likelihood that they can’t source these for ever!

    Reclaimed Granite Cobbles In Jersey Trinity drivewayOur stock held locally includes full size granite cobbles as well as cobble slices, as  described in earlier posts.

    Please call or email for more details.