• Reclaimed Cobbles Much In Demand

    April 3, 2016

    Reclaimed Cobbles Much In Demand.

    Reclaimed Cobbles

    Plenty of Stock

    The first 3 months of 2016 has seen lightloads.je supplying over 200 tonnes of French reclaimed cobbles for Jersey projects with another 125 tonnes on 5 articulated trucks wending their way towards Granville for shipment next week for supply to Jersey clients.

    At the time of writing we are totally out of stock locally, despite having had 50 tonnes in our yard a week ago. Aside from next week’s 125 tonnes shipment (all of which are sold), we have more cobbles on the way.

    Unfortunately, we have had no option but to increase our basic price per tonne to £329. Having maintained prices for more than 2 years, the dramatic fall in the Pound /Euro exchange rate and an additional €2 per tonne  motorway  freight levy from the 1st April 2016 forces our hand.

    We are always happy to negotiate quantity discounts on amounts of 10 tonnes and above.

    Analysts believe that holding on for higher exchange rates will disappoint in the current environment that’s dominated by concerns over the EU referendum and that the bias is for further declines. With the Pound previously strong against the Euro over the last 18 months we were able to absorb last year’s supplier price increase but now faced with purchasing at source at nearly £20 per tonne dearer we’ve had to pass some of that cost on.

    Should you be considering the purchase of our French reclaimed cobbles, the good news is that our supplier has more than 2000 tonnes, having obtained several streets’ worth from rejuvenation projects around Paris. Whilst he exports all over the world, we have an excellent arrangement ensuring our supplies in a matter of days from ordering.

    Our cobble slices are also much in demand, with increasing sales for projects where pathways and paved areas not subject to vehicular traffic sit alongside cobbled drives and parking areas . We’re also seeing an increased use of our cobbles for kerbing and flower border edgings, etc, where approx 5 cobbles per metre equate to a meterage cost of £17.

    Should you require more information or samples please take a look at our previous news items or call or email.

    We assure you of our best attention at all times.