• Oak Sleepers / Cobbles / Dried Logs / Bulk Bags

    October 29, 2015

    Sleepers In Yard

    New stocks of Oak Sleepers, French Cobbles /Setts, Kiln Dried Logs and Bulk Bags.

    Our previous news items have dealt in detail with the above items and a look back should give the reader all the information needed. In a nutshell however, Lightloads.je have continued to stock and sell all of the above throughout the Summer, restocking regularly.

    We’ve just taken delivery of several hundred sleepers of both sizes i.e  The smaller measuring 2.6 metres x 200 mm x 120 mm (£26 each)The larger measuring 2.6 metres x 220 mm x 130mm (£31 each)

    For orders of 10 or more we offer a discount of £2 per sleeper, there is no GST and we deliver for free.

    All have nicely cut square ends and meet the european timber grading standards.

    The sourcing of timber from which our oak sleepers are cut remains a difficulty for our suppliers near Le Mans, and indeed across France in light of the massive demand of the Chinese market for oak for use in furnishings and veneers etc. Whilst this has forced a rise in stock prices we are managing to sustain our 2013 rates whilst the monetary exchange remains around the €1.30 mark. The difference now however, is that where we could order and receive stock within 3 weeks previously, we are now ordering 8 weeks in advance.

    Our French reclaimed granite cobbles / setts continue to be in demand and we have supplied in excess of 1200 tonnes in the last 3 years. Our supplier who buys up streets as they are being lifted continues to stockpile and ship all over the world. We currently have approximately 40 tonnes in stock together with quantities of sawn-off top slices.

    With Winter fast approaching, the demand for our bulk bags of kiln dried logs seems insatiable. We thought we had enough in stock in our facility in Granville to cope with the pre-winter orders but these flew out during September and although we had a shipment last week, these have also ‘flown out.’ Our Normandy supplier ( one of the largest firewood producers in France ) is cutting and kilning to capacity and will be delivering another trailer load for shipment this week. Again we are managing to keep our prices at last year’s rates whilst the euro is as it is. Our bags of mixed beech and oak attract great feed-back from our customers who have been disappointed with other local suppliers over the years and rub their hands at the fact that our price of £135 delivered is £60 per bag cheaper than another local retailer of kiln dried hardwood logs.

    On the haulage side, Lightloads.je continues to be extremely busy carrying aggregates for the quarries, recyclers and of course private individuals. Our 1.5 tonne ‘Jumbo’ bulk bags are increasingly popular and we regularly drop them at addresses for clients to fill with garden waste, burnables, rubble etc so that we can cart away and dump as required.

    These bags are BIG!

    We supply at the cost of £5.50 each