June 29, 2014

    Ruby June News

    Where have the first six months of 2014 gone? Here we are, half way through the year already and suddenly people seem to be realizing that the nights are drawing in and the opportunity to work late into the evenings in daylight on the tasks that have needed doing for ages is diminishing……Well that certainly seems to be the message I’m getting as clients clamber for bricks, sleepers and cobbles.

    Having supplied thousands of reclaimed bricks to various States and commercial projects earlier this year we’d been a little low on stock. The recent demolition of a mid 19th century town house and hotel has however replenished our stocks and we now have thousands available once again.

    Special orders and oak sleepers have been very much in demand and whilst we’re down to just under 100 sleepers in stock, we’ve a consignment of 300 arriving in Granville in the next 10 days for shipment by the Normandy Trader.

    Lightloads.je is supplying over 30 tonnes of reclaimed French cobbles this week for jobs where driveways and thresholds are nearing completion. One of these is a ‘top-up’ for the many tonnes we’ve already supplied for a project at the top of La Pulente Hill where Stonecraft Construction masons under the expert direction of Stuart Le Boutillier has all hands on the job of creating a stunning reclaimed cobbled driveway, pillars walls and kerbs all created from architectural salvage materials.  Already a landmark building, this particular job is attracting many a pleasing comment as people stop and look at what is a really sympathetic and tasteful enhancement to one of Jersey’s fine residences.

    Whilst our reclaimed cobble stock is now down to no more than about 10 tonnes plus a few crates of ‘cobble top slices,’ we have another large consignment due in the next couple of weeks. Having supplied in excess of 700 tonnes in the last 20 months our consumption together with the several thousand tonnes that have been shipped by the supplier all over the world, means that available stocks are beginning to run low. Whilst there are more streets of the same cobble due to be lifted, we’re unable to be sure when the new tranche will be available and we’ve already got a couple of clients who have stock-piled for future jobs. I would therefore urge anyone considering these stunning pavers to plan ahead.

    As for news about the various deliveries and collections we undertake. My trusty Nissan Cabstar continues to serve me well. Whilst it’s narrow tipping body and impressive little loader crane performs wonders, it’s time to compliment the business with something with a bit more capacity. Lightloads.je has on order, a new Euro 5 emissions compliant 7.5 tonnes Hino 300/815 series tipper. Having ordered a new and larger crane from Maxilift in Italy, it’s arrived this week at the truck body builders in Carlow, Ireland, where it’ll be fitted to the waiting chassis cab and then the purpose built body added behind. All being well, we’re scheduled to collect towards the end of August and then we can match the choice of truck depending on the requirements of the job.

    The only other bit of news concerns my new truck mate. (pictured above) I’m still asked about poor Izzy who’s been gone 10 months now, as I go about my jobs. We couldn’t be without our Old English to which we’ve become so accustomed over the last 30+ years and so whilst she’s still only 3 and a bit months old, Ruby, who’s an absolute darling, will be joining me on the road in the not too distant future!