December 14, 2012

    Lightloads Jersey ships 250 tonnes of granite cobbles

    In the last few months Lightloads has shipped 250 tonnes of  reclaimed granite cobbles to Jersey from the Port of Granville via the Normandy Trader. Sourced in France and road hauled in loads of 25 tonnes across the country these sought after cobbles are selling fast, their supplier shipping worldwide. Originally laid in the streets of Paris in the early 1800’s their colours, beige, pink and grey compliment those of Jersey granite. All are ‘first choice ‘ and remarkably clean. Sizes are in the main from 14cm x 14cm x 14cm through  to 14 cm x 20cm x 14 cm although it’s not uncommon to find longer stones amongst the mixed bags. Whilst those imported so far are all sold and there are back orders to be filled, there are more on the way……contact for details and price.