• Lightloads.je ~ In Pursuit Of Quality Sleepers

    March 13, 2015

    Lightloads.je Square end sleepers

    Lightloads.je has a fresh stock of quality oak sleepers that arrived in Jersey this week.  Timber mills in France have had difficulty maintaining a consistent supply of the QP2 grade timber used to cut sleepers as a result of huge demand from the Chinese market which has syphoned in excess of 1.3 million cubic meters of oak out of France in a 12 month period!

    Understandably the market has become difficult, the Chinese are paying premium rates and the price has crept up nearly 20% in the same time period and there is now a 6-8 week wait from time of order to delivery to Granville. Fortunately the euro exchange rate, now very much in our favour, has enabled Lightloads.je to maintain its 2014 prices.

    At the same time we have sought alternative suppliers, as with the scarcity of the stock timber to work with in France there has been a tendency with some mills to send poor quality sleepers with badly cut ends, excessive rot, wane and infestation.

    We’re happy now to be working with a supplier further afield in Brittany whom has thus far supplied us with quality sleepers cut from correct specification timber with square cut ends, consistent lengths, no rot and minimum wane.

    Sleepers are cut from Grade QP2 timber, a description of which appears at the end of this news item.

    We have received this week a stock of 650 sleepers mixed half and half, in sizes

    • 2.6m x 120mm x 200mm @ £26 each; and
    • 2.6m x 220 x 130 @£31 each

    Quantity discounts for orders of 10 pieces or more

    They’re being advertised from tonight, and having run out of the last stock in a 4 week period, we don’t expect them be around for long.

    So….if you’re considering purchase whilst the supply is there, the quality is good and the price is maintained don’t hesitate!

    QP2 Grade Oak 

    Sawn timber with tolerance of wane without limitation, leaving, on the faces and edges, a width of at least 60% of nominal.
    Sound sapwood permitted without limitation.
    Unsound sapwood is permitted on the edges to the same degree as wanes.

    The only defect not acceptable is the presence of dead knots whose individual diameter exceeds one third of the width of the face or edge.
    Black bore holes are permitted.
    Deterioration caused by fungus attack is not acceptable on the faces.

    Unsound or rotten knots are tolerated.
    Slope of grain <18% permitted on one face and must not exceed 25%.

    Not acceptable: stain and rot.
    Face shakes of maximum 10 cm permitted.