November 11, 2014


    Lightloads.je is delighted to be working with a Normandy firewood producer who specialises in the production of premium quality kiln dried hardwood logs sourced from forests governed by Forestry Commission controls.

    We have this week imported a consignment of bulk bags of mixed oak and beech logs all cut at 250 mm (10 inches), an ideal size for many domestic fire places / wood burners. Oak is  generally considered one of the very best wood fuel logs once dried and therefore much sought after.  It burns fairly slowly with nice flames and produces an excellent long lasting heat even when only the embers are left. Beech is widely regarded as a great burning wood, with low smoke and an excellent flame pattern (even on slow-burning) which provides plenty of heat. The combination of the two woods produces a superior fuel. The importance of burning properly seasoned hardwood cannot be underestimated. The use of improperly seasoned mixes of logs which include both soft and hard woods will burn incompletely and can lead to degradation and decline in performance of wood burning appliances and produce up to 30% more  pollution emissions  and lead to clogging of flues.

    The energy content of logs can vary considerably  from 2000 KWh (kiln dried hard wood like oak) to 1450 KWh (unseasoned softwood like pines and conifers)…a difference of 37%. Hardwoods like oak and beech are denser and generate more heat than softwoods.

    Our jumbo bulk bags of mixed oak and beech logs are packed consistently in France. The attached picture of a crate of logs measures 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre. It is this measurement that is packed into our bags. Those bags can be seen in the picture at the head of this posting.


    Each bag weighs approx 400 kilos . They are for sale at £155 per bag.

    (Price increased to £155 per bag in September 2017 due to producer price and devaluation of the £)