• Kiln dried hardwood logs continue to impress.

    February 9, 2016

    Kiln dried hardwood logs at a reasonable price have been difficult to find in Jersey. Our imported French oak and beech mix jumbo bags of logs are no sooner landed on the Victoria Quay  than they are delivered to waiting repeat and new customers who rub their hands at the outstanding value and stay warm on these cold evenings.

    We’re often asked why it is that our kiln dried  jumbo bags of firewood are up to £60 per bag cheaper than the competition. The answer’s simple: we believe in value for money, an excellent product and quality of service. That’s why we supply and deliver these 50/50 mix oak and beech logs at £155 per bag.  (price rise to £155 September 2017)( see our November 2014 news item for full details). We don’t look for huge profits just satisfied customers who’ll come back to us time and time again.

    Stack of kiln dried hardwood logs

    Stack of Logs

    The other nice thing about our bags of kiln dried hardwood logs  is that as well as the logs which are all cut to around 250mm (10 inches) they also contain slithers suitable for kindling and start up fuel.

    The inset picture shows the volume and quality of 1 x jumbo bag of our logs. The stack you see measures 1.75 metres x 1.95 metres or approx 68 ins x 77 ins.

    We currently have ample stock but they soon disappear. So ‘in demand’ are these huge bags of firewood that the producer struggles to keep up at times, and this coupled with the extremely rough seas we’re experiencing means that our supply isn’t always guaranteed as we’d want them.

    We encourage our customers to order and take delivery in advance of the winter …even during the Summer months. This guarantees they won’t go without when the first cold snap arrives and our phone doesn’t stop.

    Bags of kiln dried hardwood logs

    Bags of Logs

    Delivery pre-winter enables clients to store away their already kiln dried hardwood logs without fear of them getting a soaking by the rain and of course allows them to season still further before burning.