• Douglas Fir Cladding available in Jersey

    February 22, 2016

    Lightloads.je is pleased to announce that we’ve a large quantity of fresh sawn Douglas Fir Cladding available in Jersey. Working with our oak sleeper producer in the Le Mans region of France we have organised the preparation of a quantity of fresh sawn 175mm x 15mm x 3m  cladding boards, the first  bundles of which are now in stock in Jersey. In addition to this we’ve  also imported a quantity of 3 metres long Douglas Fir Sleepers in 2 sizes  ~  220mm x 130mm and 200mm x 120mm, ideal for shoring and landscaping work ( seen in the background).

    2016-02-21 13.26.00Douglas Fir is the strongest of our homegrown (European) softwoods. It can cope with heavy duty framing, groundworks, cladding and landscaping. Like Oak, there’s not a lot it can’t be used for externally. It is naturally durable and will fare better than other softwoods in the ground. It’s an extremely dense timber with a high resin content.

    Why is Douglas Fir ideal to work with? Douglas Fir seasons well, dries evenly and remains straight and true with minimum checking or distortion, its workability is superb. What makes Douglas Fir even better is that it also accepts a variety of stains and finishes, holds nails and screws securely and accepts adhesives well. Douglas Fir is the ideal structural wood for framing timber in residential, light commercial, multi-storey and industrial construction. So many of the ‘eco-panels’ being used in local construction these days are constructed using Douglas Fir .

    The tree itself grows to be very large, and yields a large amount of usable timber and veneer for plywood. It is an incredibly valuable commercial timber, widely used in construction and building purposes. The wood is very stiff and strong for its weight, and is also among the hardest and heaviest softwoods commercially available in Europe.

    Douglas Fir Cladding

    Cladding in Douglas Fir is an inexpensive softwood. Our supplier sources from fast growing managed forests. It is best used rough sawn (not planed) and looks especially good given its grain  which has a light cream colour with red-brown heart wood. Like all timbers when exposed to the elements, over time it will turn a silvery grey colour. Once sawn, Douglas Fir will air dry by about 25-30% in the first 4 weeks. It readily accepts treatments and stains.Douglas Fir Panelling


    These 175 x 15 x 3m boards are ideal for cladding sheds, panelling rooms, producing picket and ‘hit and miss’ fencing and a host of other applications.

    The Bottom Line

    Price per 3m length  £5.19

    Price per linear metre £1.73

    Price per sq. metre £9.87  ( 5.71 linear metres)


    220 x 130 x 3m ~ £31

    200 x 120 x 3m ~ £26