• Cobbles Are Much In Demand

    March 23, 2019

    Busy start to 2019. 

    Our French reclaimed cobbles are much in demand. Lightloads.je sold out last month for the first time in years. At the end of January we held a stock of nearly 100 tonnes. By the 2nd week of February they were gone.

    Another stunning job!
    Fetch & Karrie doing one of their many cobbles deliveries to site.

    Since then, Lightloads.je has shipped 175 tonnes with the MV Thora of Boatloads.je. We have another 55 tonnes arriving next week which we’ll deliver directly to site. We currently have a stock of almost 150 tonnes available for immediate delivery.

    Unloading on the Victoria Quay
    Next week’s shipment awaits in Granville !!

    Our clients and traders accept that whatever the outcome of Brexit there’s a strong possibility that the £ will weaken. Most importantly it mustn’t be ignored that Customs tariffs could also be applied to imports.

    We all enjoyed the extremely favourable exchange rates of 2 years ago. At that time we were getting in the mid to high 1.30 €s to the £. Alas these are long gone and therefore our pricing reflects this. However, even with the addition of 2 annual supplier increases we’ve kept costs steady at £376 per tonne for a considerable period.

    …rarer and harder to source

    These cobbles are becoming rarer and harder to source. Our supplier struggles to find streets to lift when competing with other ‘reclaimers’ who also have worldwide markets to fill. 

    The base price in France rises 10.00 € per tonne from 1st April. Our current stock remains at £376.00 per tonne and we continue to offer the quantity discounts that our clients have become accustomed to.

    We’re getting what stock we can into Jersey pre-Brexit but they are disappearing  quickly.

    If you’re considering  purchasing  for your property this year you might want to ‘play safe’ and take possession over the next 3-4 weeks rather than gamble on the uncertainties of the times ahead. We will continue to import throughout.