• 19th Century French Cobbles and Top Slices

    March 18, 2013

    19th Century Parisian Cobbles and Cobble Top Slices in JerseyLightloads has  replenished its stocks of french cobbles with a further shipment via the Normandy Trader, and has available 50 tonnes of these fast selling reclaimed 19th century granite stones in mixed bags of pink, beige and blue.  They are a nominal 140mm x 200mm x 140mm.

    After many enquiries from people  in Jersey and Guernsey whom have  insufficient depth on their sites to accomodate the full thickness of the regular cobbles, Lightloads has commissioned it’s French supplier to ‘machine cut’ top slices of Parisian cobbles.

    We currently have 7 crates of these extremely clean  antique stones, all 2/4 cm in thickness and with their original worn tops intact. (70 sq metres) They are ideal for paths, patios, barbecue areas and light traffic. The cut face is smooth and perfect for adhering to a concrete base using cement based mixes / bonding agents. With a 25-28mm gap between each stone there are approx 28 slices per square metre.